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An excellent food source for soil microbes, scientifically formulated for enhanced soil and crop production.

Developed by Zylem, Amino K is the end-product of yeast fermentation of molasses. Metabolites formed during the process provide an instant food source for soil microbes which contribute to healthy soils. Stimulation of photosynthesis and resultant high brix levels in plants build resilience and make for a healthier crop.

An investment in healthy soil is an investment in a flourishing crop. The benefits of an effective plant food – and organically-applied potassium in particular – encourages the development of robust, healthy plants even in adverse and drought conditions.

Amino K is a liquid soil ameliorant and natural by-product of the sugar industry, and can be applied to all crops across all areas of South Africa. Traditionally, molasses is a good soil food, but only in low volumes. Amino K endows soil microbes with the benefits of metabolites whilst retaining the more complex chain sugars and brix levels associated with molasses without the associated limitations, contributing to overall soil health.


Enhance crop production from the ground up by nurturing soil health with Amino K.

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  • Although molasses has been used as a food source for many years, its primary limitation has been anaerobic spikes during the process of forming sugars which favour pathogens. The yeast fermentation process, however, removes many of these less complex sugars with the corresponding effect of increasing the nutrient and amino acid profile and creating metabolites – a “fast food” source for soil microbes.
  • Amino K encourages the photosynthetic process. It acts as an instant food and stimulus to microbes. This stimulus produces carbon dioxide in the soil, leading to increased photosynthesis once it is captured in the plant leaf, sending metabolites back to the roots as polysaccharide organic acids, which further propagate the cycle.

The main ingredients of Amino K are:

  • Amino K contains 4% potassium and other macro and micro elements – especially silicon and enzymes – which increase plant vigour when applied to the soil through irrigation systems.
  • In combination with consortia microbes (lactobacillus, yeast, etc.), Amino K facilitates the breakdown of organic matter, returning it to the soil.
  • Amino K is balanced, allowing for buffering of inorganic fertilisers which are inherently associated with a high salt index.
  • Amino K is popularly applied with inorganic fertilisers through a pivot and is predominantly applied to the soil just prior to planting and then throughout the crop cycle. Zylem will happily advise on crop-specific requirements and applications.

Group 2 Fertiliser, Act 36 of 1947
Reg # B5059

Available in 1000L flow bins and tanker loads.

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Enhance crop production from the ground up by nurturing soil health with Amino K.