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A critical advantage Zylem offers growers and consultants is technical support via the superior analytical services of Brookside Laboratories Inc. In particular, their Soil Health Tool (S019) has revolutionised the effective analysis and amelioration of soil utilising an integrated approach that combines chemical and biological test data.

Brookside’s ‘Philosophy of Balance’ completely echoes that of Zylem’s. It emphasises the enhancement of the relationship between soil health, plant health and animal health through understanding the interdependency of their chemical, biological, and physical environments.

Brookside Laboratories is one of the oldest and most successful consulting associations in the world. Situated in Ohio, USA, BLI has evolved into an organisation of over 200 professional independent consultants providing agricultural, turf and environmental consulting services to clients worldwide. Brookside offers leading edge technology in high-quality, cost-effective, accurate analytical and consulting services and hones its position by participating in a variety of university and government research projects. A key service advantage is the almost indefinite archiving of clients’ results.

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The prices for these analyses are quoted in US Dollars and billed at the prevailing exchange rate. Read More about the Soil Health Tool and other recently introduced tests.

Note that there are potential anomalies in certain of the Brookside test packages, which are explained in more detail here.

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