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Foliar or soil-applied slow-release calcium, for improved soil health

This 2 micron (max) dry powder formulation is designed to improve poor calcium levels in soils, or where calcium is ‘fixed’ and not being taken up in plants, often due to too much nitrogen in the soil. Since calcium assists in increasing water penetration in soils, it is important to consider its application during drought conditions. Often overlooked, calcium is essential for many central plant functions.

Don’t wait for deficiency disorders to take shape before taking action.

Calcium as a soil amendment is responsible for:

Cell wall development,
Proper cell division,
Enzyme activity,
Starch metabolism,
Nitrate uptake and metabolism

Deficiencies can result in stunted and deformed plant growth, particularly in new leaves and tissue, and eventual death of terminal buds and root tips. Although calcium is present in adequate amounts in most soils, calcium is not mobile in plants, which rely on the process of transpiration to apply calcium in the growth process. Where transpiration is affected or where calcium competes with high potassium, magnesium, and other cations such as aluminium, iron and ammonium, calcium deficiencies can be observed – even where the growing medium has adequate calcium levels.

Invest in your soil and plant’s calcium levels for long-term crop nutrition, growth, and strength with NanoCal.

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Provide your crops with a continuous supply of calcium with NanoCal for optimal production and to make them more resilient against disease.

  • Dry powder formulation, available in 800kg bulk bags and 20 kg bags.
  • Microfine (<2.0 micron) high-calcium suspension carbonate concentrate applied via spray tanks and irrigation. Designed to be used at low rates to supply calcium to the soil via direct application to the soil or via foliar application so it’s washed off with irrigation or rain into the root zone.
  • This slow-release suspension is most reactive in biologically active soils or in conjunction with beneficial soil microbes. Please note it is important to include boron where calcium is applied.
  • At recommended rates, NanoCal is not intended to alter the pH of the soil.
  • Application of NanoCal is designed to improve poor calcium in soils and increase uptake where calcium is fixed and not being taken up.

Surpassed only by nitrogen and potassium, calcium is a critical secondary nutrient in plants. For rapid and healthy crop development, it is an essential additive to ensure optimal growth and health. By applying NanoCal, your crop will benefit from the following:

  • Calcium in the soil makes for improved water penetration.
  • As calcium does not relocate within the plant, NanoCal serves as a consistent calcium source for application throughout the growing season.
  • Avert the possibility – and economic impact – of deficiencies, exhibited in deformation, chlorosis, and stunted growth.
  • Increased plant health and resilience at a cellular level.

Available in 800kg bulk bags and 20kg bags.

Fertiliser Group 2
Registration # B5510
Act 36 of 1947

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Enhance crop production from the ground up by nurturing soil health with NanoCal.