Cal B Z

Cal B Z foliar and soil-applied liquid fertiliser

Cal B Z is primarily as a ‘row support’ product and has been formulated as a suspension, slow release calcium and sulphur source, supported by essential organic components that are considered to be important in plant vigour, especially seedling establishment. These organic components are primarily used for their high levels of amino acids, enzymes and growth stimulants, beneficial directly to the plant as well as indirectly via the world of micro organisms. As calcium utilisation is much more efficient for the plant in the presence of boron, it has been included in balanced levels.

As calcium is one of the most important plant nutrients but often difficult to include in nutrient programmes, especially in the soluble form, Cal B Z will always be used in conjunction with other essential macros (N,P,K Mg etc).

Group 2 Fertiliser, Act 36 of 1947 – Registration # B 4493

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