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NanoCal Calcium for Crops

Boost the calcium in your soil for healthier crops

Prevent deficiency disorders with NanoCal, a fast-acting calcium soil application with a small micron size. Provide your crops with a continuous supply of calcium to optimise production and make them more resilient against disease. 


Calcium is a critical secondary nutrient for many central plant functions. NanoCal offers foliar or soil-applied slow-release calcium for improved soil health. The 2 micron (max) dry powder formulation is designed to improve poor calcium levels in soils, or where calcium is fixed and not taken up in plants (often due to too much nitrogen in the soil). 

Reap the benefits of calcium for crops

Invest in your soil and plant’s calcium levels

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Benefits of NanoCal

Improved soil draining - Zylem

Contains additional amino acids and chelated trace elements

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Healthy, vigorous plant growth

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Improve crop yield & quality

Calcium for crop - Nano Cal - Zylem SA

NanoCal improved calcium uptake benefits

Calcium is a critical secondary nutrient in plants. Calcium for crops is an essential additive to ensure optimal growth and health. As calcium does not relocate within the plant, NanoCal serves as a consistent calcium source for application throughout the growing season.


By applying NanoCal, your crops will benefit from:


  • Increased firmness in fruit or flesh
  • Better uniformity in maturity
  • Increased yield and colouring
  • Reduction in calcium deficiency-based physiological disorders, chlorosis, and stunted growth
  • Improved shelf life and storability
  • Increased plant health and resilience at a cellular level

Calcium in the soil also makes for improved water penetration.

NanoCal Product Details

Provide your crops with a continuous supply of calcium with NanoCal for optimal production and disease resilience. 


  • Dry powder formulation
  • Available in 800kg bulk bags and 20 kg bags
  • Microfine (<2.0 micron) high-calcium suspension carbonate concentrate
  • Calcium applied to crops via spray tanks and irrigation
  • At recommended rates, NanoCal is not intended to alter the pH of the soil


H3: How to apply NanoCal

NanoCal calcium for agricultural use is designed to be used at low rates to supply calcium to the soil via direct application. The product can also be foliar-applied so that it’s washed off with irrigation or rain into the root zone. NanoCals slow-release calcium for crop suspension is most reactive in biologically active soils or in conjunction with beneficial soil microbes. 


*Please note that it’s important to include boron where calcium is applied.


Fertiliser Group 2

Registration # B5510

Act 36 of 1947


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Invest in your soil and plant’s calcium levels

Product Label

Frequently Asked Questions

Calcium is an essential element to crop functioning. It is taken up through the fine hair roots of the plants. Any calcium applied to crops needs to be made highly available to plants to correct deficiencies. NanoCal’s micronised particle size addresses some of the shortcomings of larger-sized particles found in other calcium sources, and is thus one of the best sources of calcium for plants.

Although it is often overlooked, calcium is essential for many central plant functions. At the onset of fruit, tuber, nut or bulb formation, a crop’s demand for available calcium spikes to a high level. If the plant experiences calcium deficiency at this point in development, its dividing cells become unable to stay bound together. This causes problems such as poor storability, hollow heart in potatoes, and blossom end rot in tomatoes.


The only way to prevent insufficient calcium in developing crops is to increase the concentration of soluble calcium in the soil immediately surrounding the crop’s root system.

Calcium plays an extremely important role in producing plant tissues. As such, calcium enables crops and plants to grow better. The role of calcium is to hold the cell walls of plants together, as well as activate certain enzymes and send signals that coordinate certain cellular activities.

Farmers have always known the value of calcium in producing healthy crops. However, the challenge in agriculture has been how to deliver enough readily available calcium to crops at the right time in their development. It’s important to maintain calcium levels with a comprehensive soil fertility programme. However, this may not provide a sufficient level of available calcium for a developing crop, which is why many farmers choose to supplement with a calcium input.

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