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Soil food for enhanced soil health and fertility, providing optimal crop performance

Sea Brixº™ is formulated by Zylem with the primary objective of maximising photosynthesis – the process that ultimately results in high brix levels of the plant. A high brix level indicates an effective soil management programme that results in healthier, hardier plants that are more resistant to insects and disease.

Any plant stimulated by organically-based nutrients will be more resilient and inclined to have more natural ability to withstand adverse conditions such as drought, hail, wind, waterlogging, cold, heat.

Since Sea Brixº™ is organic in nature, and the fact that its raw materials benefit microbial life in the soil, all crops – irrespective of region within SA – would benefit from the enhanced soil health that Sea Brixº™ creates. It should be used throughout the growing cycle, with appropriate additions of inorganic nutrition as may be required for the specific crop cycle. Zylem will advise on crop-specific requirements.

Reap the benefits of enhanced soil health and fertility and boost crop production with Sea Brixº™

The main ingredients of Sea Brixº™ are:

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  • A potent natural growth stimulant which enhances photosynthesis, increases flowering and productivity, and breaks dormancy in plants.
  • Assists in increasing the rate of cell division, leading to production of larger roots and buds.
  • Enhances enzyme activities when applied to fruit trees during growth periods, resulting in increased brix levels in fruit.

Fish hydrolysate

  • Created using a cold process which preserves the fats and oils that microbes thrive on.
  • Promotes plant growth and is high in nitrogen.

Liquid Kelp

  • An indispensable bio-promotant which provides frost resistance, bio-balancing, root promotion, improved flowering and fruit set, and stress resistance.
  • Key attributes include minerals, amino acids, natural growth promotants, chelating agents, and complex sugars.

Amino Kº™

  • A natural by-product of the sugar industry.
  • Balanced, allowing for excellent buffering of inorganic fertilisers especially nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium which are inherently associated with a high salt index.

Sea Brixº™ contains a broad range of macro and micro trace elements, plant stimulating hormones, and enzymes. As a plant food, it is an excellent chelator when added to a tank mix with inorganic fertilisers.

It works efficiently in two ways:

  • As a microbe food or ‘soil food’. Comprising metabolites that serve as a microbe food source; the microbes are stimulated and/or multiplied, resulting in the many microbe processes, including making nutrients more plant-available.
  • As a foliar feed. The already-processed (enzyme-fermented) raw materials are quickly and easily metabolised in the plant for spontaneous and quick effects on stimulating important processes such as photosynthesis.

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Reap the benefits of enhanced soil health and fertility and boost crop production with Sea Brixº™