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Potato Breeding and Commercialisation


Since 1992, Zylem has represented the interests in Southern Africa of Netherlands-based potato breeding companies and is currently responsible for varieties owned by Stet Holland B.V. The scope of our expertise includes the development and commercialisation of seed for consumer and commercial purposes.

Stet Holland is based in the key potato-breeding area of Emmeloord, Netherlands. The company focuses on varieties for French fries, crisps and table potatoes, in particular their seed production, plus sales and marketing for export markets and the processing industry.

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Farms and Partners

Potato mini tubers are produced by Maluti Mini Tubers, under contract to Zylem, to provide clean, disease-free G0 seed for effective seed production.

Currently, potato seed multiplication is efficiently handled for Zylem primarily by Ivanhoe in Nottingham Road and Pi Delta in Greytown, KZN, with other production sites coming on stream in areas of South Africa that are climatically appropriate.

Major farming organisations around the country grow potato crops from seed supplied by Zylem’s contract growers, for table and for processing.

These potato varieties have been commercialised in South Africa:

AbbyTable – specifically speciality and salad (Plantera)
El MundoTable – pre-pack
LabadiaTable – pre-pack
MondeoTable – pre-pack (Plantera)
NicolaTable – specifically salad

As at the 2019/2020 season, these varieties are in trials and various stages of seed multiplication:

Ariata KWSFrench Fries & Table
Bonnata KWSTable, home fries – pre-pack
ERA 11-4755Table (Plantera)
EssenzaTable – pre-pack (McCreight Potatoes)
Leonata KWSFrench Fries (McCain Foods)
LuceraTable – specifically speciality and salad (Plantera)

For more detailed information on any of these varieties, please contact us.

Potato Field Day

Zylem was prominent today at Cedara Agricultural College’s Potato Field Day, aimed at the smallholder farmer. Justin Platt was kept very busy discussing potatoes with the many who attended, all under a very hot KZN sun! Four of our varieties were featured – Mondeo, El Mundo, Labadia and Essenza. They attracted a great deal of interest, as all are suitable for table and the pre-pack sector, with Mondeo and Labadia also ideal for home French Fries. Mondeo is a consistently high performer in ‘Potatoes South Africa’ regional trials, coming tops in the most recent trials in Polokwane, with Labadia and Essenza coming 4th and 5th respectively, and El Mundo featuring in the top half.

Mondeo & NanoCal trial lifting

Our team – Justin Platt, Nosipho Mbele (our new Junior Technical Manager) and Thulani Phakathi – have been hard at work lifting a trial designed to evaluate the uptake of calcium into the leaf of a potato plant. The trial, on Ivanhoe Farms in Impendle, KZN, was on our potato variety Mondeo with our product NanoCal (microfine calcitic lime ≥2 microns) applied as a foliar application at different rates with Sea Brix at 2L/hectare. Although the calcium is applied as a foliar application, it is expected that the differences in calcium levels experienced in the leaf are as a result of the product being washed off the plant into the root zone, processed by microflora, and taken up. The healthier the soil, the more likely the calcium will be made available for uptake. The addition of Sea Brix at 2L/ha is primarily to stimulate the microbial activity in the rhizosphere. At 40% calcium, NanoCal is an extremely cost-effective source, along with the fact that it is not in a form that can easily be leached or become tied up by aluminium and/or soluble forms of phosphate.
Soil, leaf and tuber samples have been sent off to Brookside Laboratories for analysis. Watch this space for the results and conclusion ………….

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