Justin Platt is one of only three Southern African-registered consultants for the internationally respected Brookside Laboratories Incorporated (BLI), Ohio, USA. BLI offers growers and consultants an outstanding analytical service for world-class, highly efficient and professional testing of soils, leaf matter, fertilisers and water.

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Zylem facilitates the supply of agricultural inputs via an extensive distributor network. Inputs include its own range of biological soil conditioners and foliar feeds plus selected plant and soil health products from Nutri-Tech Solutions, Australia, which are either imported or manufactured locally under licence.

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Zylem advises growers throughout the country on the effective use of biological inputs which are the cornerstone of sustainable farming. Knowledge of soil health is key and this is where laboratory testing is vital, such as with BLI or local laboratories that are ISO accredited.

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Since 1992, Zylem has represented the interests in Southern Africa of Netherlands-based potato breeding companies and is currently responsible for varieties owned by Stet Holland B.V. The scope of our expertise includes the development and commercialisation of seed for consumer and commercial purposes.

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Why Zylem?

Peace Of Mind

Zylem enjoys international support and back-up.


Zylem is owned and managed by Justin Platt who has been active in the agricultural services industry since 1981.

Wide Skill-Set

Justin Platt has amassed an extensive knowledge of local farming conditions, in a variety of crops.

Excellent Service

He provides personal interaction and advice.


Sustainable farming reduces input costs.


Zylem’s biological foliar and soil conditioners support sustainable agriculture, which is the foundation of “farming for our future”.

More Nutrients

Sustainable farming produces more nutrient-dense food, meat and dairy products.

Eco Friendly

Sustainable agricultural practices assist in minimising carbon footprint and reducing carbon emissions.


Biological nutrition – solutions for South African conditions and soils.

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