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Sustainable farming is all about returning good health to the soil whilst simultaneously reducing input costs and reliance on inorganic fertilisers.

The net result of effective sustainable farming practices is more nutrient-dense food, crops and livestock. Worldwide, the trend in agriculture is to revise the harmful practice of denuding the soil by plying it with more and more chemical substances which do not enrich it and whose costs increase substantially each year.

Sustainable agricultural practices work hard to enrich the soil with each successive season. In addition, the world’s topsoil is being eroded at an alarming rate and sustainable agricultural practices will go a long way towards reversing that trend.

Sustainable farming solutions are not reliant on strict organic principles but utilise a mix of organic and inorganic inputs to produce biological soil conditioners and foliar feeds, that work hand in hand with tried and trusted methods such as effective composting, worm farming and green manuring.

Home-Grown Sustainable Farming Solutions

Over the years, Zylem has formulated, registered and produced its own range of biological foliar feeds and soil conditioners, specifically designed for South African crops, soils and conditions, and all based on sustainable farming principles and practices. Many of these have been formulated in response to particular problems experienced by farmers throughout the country.

Nutri-Tech Solutions

For many years, Zylem has been the official partner and Southern African representative of Nutri-Tech Solutions, Australia. NTS is one of Australia’s leading exponents of sustainable agriculture and produces an extensive range of products designed to improve soil, plant and human health.

One of the company’s key goals is education in sustainable farming practices and to this end, the term ‘Nutrition Farming’ has been trademarked.

NTS has recently embarked on a new mission to improve ‘planet health’, by devising and implementing systems to reduce carbon emissions and slow the rate of global warming. A key goal is reversing the alarming rate of topsoil loss our planet is experiencing due to industrialisation and environmentally unfriendly agricultural practices.

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