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A boost for plant recovery plus peak health and quality

Combining conventional and organic properties, Triple Ten is a liquid fertiliser which acts as a boost for plants in stress situations. With the added benefits of improved yield, quality and healthy growth, commercial farmers and home gardeners alike will notice marked crop and health improvements from this effective fertiliser.

Within the context of varied and unpredictable climactic circumstances and seasonal conditions, Triple Ten offers farmers, landscapers, and gardeners a simple and effective solution to the adverse effects of stress conditions, as well as an easy day-to-day boost to achieving premium-quality plant health and produce. With increased plant vigour and growth and broad-spectrum health benefits, Triple Ten can be applied to all crops, vineyards, turf, orchards, and ornamental gardens across all areas of South Africa for optimal outcomes with every application. Triple Ten is applied primarily as a foliar spray (not recommended until seedlings are 15cm high) or through irrigation systems.

Reap the benefits of enhanced soil health and fertility and boost crop production with Triple Ten

The main ingredients of Triple Ten are:

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NTS Fulvic Acid Powder

  •  This natural plant extract promotes movement of nutrients through the plant for effective metabolism.

NTS Trip-Kelp Powder

  • Made from three species of kelp, this organic product is renowned for being high in a range of growth-promoting hormones which play metabolic roles. These include auxins which stimulate root growth and production, gibberellins which regulate growth and promote development, and cytokinins which are primary role-players in cell growth and differentiation.


  •  A natural product for stimulated photosynthesis

Amino Acids

  • A natural ingredient for the uptake and metabolism of nutrients


  • Triple Ten contains nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium – the three elements required in the largest volumes for plant growth and yield.

Comprising a hot mix NPK blend, chelated trace elements, and natural growth promotants including fulvic acid, seaweed fertiliser, and vitamins, Triple Ten gives plants the advantage an alternative food source for best overall health and development.

It works by providing additional nutrients taken up by the leaf as opposed to through the root system. As a foliar feed, the nutrients are more easily taken up and metabolised than through the more complex root applications, removing the impediment of unavailable elements in the soil. Triple Ten is not compatible with calcium-based inputs. It should not be used as a foliar spray until seedlings are 15cm high and spraying should be avoided close to harvest to avoid potential staining. The team at Zylem are on hand to explain applications and precautions associated with Triple Ten.

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Discover your crop’s recovery, resilience, and health promotion strategy with Triple Ten. Contact Zylem today.